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We are sorry we missed you in Geneva! If any of the flavors below interest you, please contact us and we will send you samples that fit your applications’ requirements.

Certified Organic Flavors for EU Requirements

Gold Coast created an extension of its certified organic flavors to meet organic requirements in the EU. We offer certified organic flavors in powder and liquid forms for food and beverage products such as: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, lemon, orange, coffee, mint, ginger, bergamot, tomato, jalapeno, and more flavors.

Mushroom-Based Vegan Flavors

Our R&D team created a new line of vegan mushroom-based flavors that replicate the taste of meat and poultry. The following flavors are natural, clean-label, and available in liquid and spray-dried powder forms: Vegetarian Beef Broth Type Flavor, Vegetarian Roast Beef Type Flavor, Vegetarian Beef Tallow Type Flavor, Vegetarian Pork Type Flavor, Vegetarian Bacon Type Flavor, Vegetarian Lard Type Flavor, Vegetarian Breakfast Sausage Type Flavor, and Vegetarian Fried Chicken Type Flavor.

Did You Know?

Need help finding the right flavors, colors, masking agents, and/or usage levels to use in your product?

Gold Coast has two application kitchens for hot products, cold products, and everything in between. Our Applications Team can work hands-on with your unflavored base to help:

Assess flavor profiles and cuttings
Test flavor & color stability during processing conditions
Determine optimum flavor & color usage levels

We’ve worked on all types of applications including bakery, beverage, confectionery, dairy, nutraceutical, sauces, pet food, and more.

How can you get application help?

1. Contact us or your Gold Coast sales representative
2. Tell us about your project so we can get a request into our lab
3. Ship us some of your unflavored base and let our team go to work

Gold Coast’s Quality Control team tests every incoming raw material and outgoing order after it is made in production. In addition, employees follow strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) procedures throughout our facilities. All employees producing our products wear full face respirators and gloves at all times when on the production floor, further minimizing the possibility of product contamination. We enforce proper handwashing and the use of onsite sanitizer stations. Also, visitors are prohibited from entering our production rooms with the exception of State and Federal Inspectors without prior notification and appropriate screening.

As a wholesale manufacturing company, we do our best to help all businesses – big to small and worldwide.
Our minimum order quantities are as follows:

Liquid Flavors: 4 gallons
Dry Blended Powder Flavors & Colors: 25 pounds
Spray-dried Powder Flavors: 50 pounds

With the help of our distributor partners in Canada, Europe, Asia, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, our flavors reach companies across the globe. You will also find us exhibiting at many national and international trade shows relating to food, beverage, and nutraceutical products.

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Gold Coast Ingredients works with partners across the globe. Please click here to send a message to our customer support team, and we will connect you with your Gold Coast representative asap.

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