Gold Coast Updates Certified Organic (Bio) Flavors for the EU

February 08, 2023

Gold Coast Ingredients makes it a priority to stay up-to-date with organic requirements across the globe. Our products are certified by Quality Assurance International (QAI). QAI is an ECOCERT equivalent and meets international (IFOAM) standards of organic accreditation.

With new EU regulations in place, Gold Coast has updated its library of certified organic (bio) flavors for the EU.

EU7466 Organic Anise Extract
EU7982 Organic Apple Flv. WONF S.D.
EU7984 Organic Banana Flv. WONF S.D.
EU6215 Organic Basil Flv. Pwd
EU7427 Organic BBQ Seasoning
EU7987 Organic Bergamot Flv. S.D.
EU7835 Organic Blackberry Flv. WONF
EU7986 Organic Black Berry Flv. WONF S.D.
EU7380 Organic Black Currant Flv. WONF
EU7975 Organic Black Currant Flv. WONF S.D.
EU7983 Organic Black Pepper Flv. S.D.
EU7556 Organic Blueberry Flv. WONF
EU2194 Organic Blueberry Flv. WONF S.D.
EU7243 Organic Bourbon Vanilla Extract
EU7988 Organic Cranberry Flv. WONF S.D.
EU7985 Organic Cardamom Flv. S.D.
EU7400 Organic Cardamom Cinnamon Flv. WONF Pwd
EU7991 Organic Carob Flv. WONF S.D.
EU7989 Organic Cassia Flv. S.D.
EU7980 Organic Cherry Flv. WONF S.D.
EU7467 Organic Cherry Berry Flv. WONF
EU5339 Organic Cinnamon Flv. O.S.
EU7399 Organic Cinnamon Flv WONF Pwd
EU6168 Organic Citrus Flv.
EU6017 Organic Citrus Flv O.S.
EU7995 Organic Clove Flv. WONF S.D.
EU1559 Organic Cocoa Flv. Pwd
EU0807 Organic Coffee Flv. WONF
EU6155 Organic Coffee Flv. WONF S.D.
EU7993 Organic Coriander Flv. S.D.
EU1914 Organic Eucalyptus Flv.
EU7815 Organic Garlic Flv. O.S.
EU7814 Organic Garlic Flv. Pwd
EU6281 Organic Ginger Extract
EU6241 Organic Ginger Flv. S.D.
EU5628 Organic Grapefruit Flv. O.S.
EU5627 Organic Grapefruit Flv. Pwd
EU7889 Organic Honey Flv. WONF S.D.
EU7336 Organic Honey Ginger Flv.
EU7445 Organic Jalapeno Extract
EU0940 Organic Jalapeno Flv. Pwd
EU6332 Organic Lavender Flv.
EU5342 Organic Lavender Flv. O.S.
EU7976 Organic Lemon Flv. S.D.
EU5115 Organic Lemongrass Flv.
EU5770 Organic Lemon Lime Extract
EU7977 Organic Lime Flv. S.D.
EU7247 Organic Mandarin Flv. Pwd
EU1379 Organic Mandarin Orange Flv.
EU7981 Organic Mango Flv. WONF
EU7972 Organic Mango Flv. WONF S.D.
EU7195 Organic Mint Flv.
EU5835 Organic Mint Flv. Pwd
EU7920 Organic Mixed Berry Flv. WONF
EU7978 Organic Mixed Berry Flv. WONF S.D.
EU5663 Organic Orange Flv. O.S.
EU7981 Organic Orange Flv. WONF S.D.
EU7382 Organic Passion Fruit Flv. WONF
EU7973 Organic Passion Fruit WONF S.D.
EU7834 Organic Peach Flv. WONF
EU7979 Organic Peach Flv. WONF S.D.
EU7990 Organic Pear Flv. WONF S.D.
EU2006 Organic Peppermint Flv.
EU6052 Organic Peppermint Flv. Pwd
EU7383 Organic Pineapple Flv. WONF
EU7974 Organic Pineapple Flv. WONF S.D.
EU7992 Organic Pomegranate Flv. WONF S.D.
EU7286 Organic Raspberry Flv. WONF
EU7971 Organic Raspberry Flv. WONF S.D.
EU5288 Organic Rosemary Flv. Pwd
EU7994 Organic Strawberry Flv. WONF S.D.
EU5348 Organic Thyme Flv. O.S.
EU5962 Organic Tomato Flv. Pwd
EU7543 Organic Spearmint Extract
EU7430 Organic Sweet & Spicy Flv. WONF
EU7246 Organic Vanilla Flv. WONF S.D.
EU6106 Organic Wintergreen Flv.

Gold Coast’s flavors are made-to-order and can be customized for your products’ requirements.